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Welcome to the LOSRA Website

As with any other local neighbourhood, the policies and actions which affect the character and future of Lower Sunbury are generally framed and implemented by a combination of local and national government, along with the vested interests and market forces which operate within those frameworks. Lower Sunbury is by no means unique in being under threat from a creaking infrastructure brought about by rapid urban development, the growth of traffic, and other pressures affecting the quality of life and the character of the area.

Working with the local authorities, we see it as the responsibility of residents’ and amenity groups such as LOSRA to address the underlying issues which fundamentally affect their members’ lives, as well as the minutiae of everyday life with which such groups are often concerned.

Please sign up to receive our regular e-bulletins by subscribing via the facility at the top left hand of this page. It goes without saying that, without your continued support we would cease to function so we urge you to join, or renew your membership now Subscriptions (£5 per household) for 2024 are now payable.

Police College Development Action Group - Appeal for FundsThank you to those residents who have responded so far to our appeal for funds to cover the costs of fighting this appeal (See articles of 15th and 19th October).

We would be grateful for any donations, no matter how small. Whilst this particular development concerns one corner of Lower Sunbury we believe the the threat of over-development affects everyone.

We are now able to facilitate your contribution by Paypal. Please click on the PayPal "Donate" button below to make a donation to PCDAG (Police College Development Action Group).

Planning application submitted for gravel working at Watersplash FarmAs expected, Cemex have submitted a planning application to Surrey County Council for the extraction of gravel from Watersplash Farm adjoining Fordbridge Road between Sunbury and Shepperton.

Since the outcome of the Surrey Minerals Plan consultation process which resulted in Watersplash Farm being identified for working for gravel, despite a strong campaign by SSAGE (Sunbury & Shepperton Against Gravel Extraction) we have been in contact with Cemex, the owners of the site, to ensure we are in touch with the process.

Discussions have clarified that, contrary to SCC’s original plan, there will be no aggregates recycling plant at the site, which is good news. In addition, the plan for re-instating the site has been clarified. It would be returned to top quality agricultural land with the current market gardening company working it, while the eastern end of the site along the course of the River Ash would become a nature reserve with enhanced public footpath access. Working would last a total of five years.

We received word as we went to press on 22nd October that SCC has validated the application, which was unexpected as it usually takes longer. There is now, in theory, a period of 28 days when representations and comments on the application can be made. Thereafter, the planning authority then have 16 weeks to determine the application. The reality, however, is that the application is not expected to go before the Planning Committee before the second half of 2013, and comments will be accepted for way in excess of the 28 days and virtually up until determination takes place.

However, now that it is validated, we are working with Cemex for them to stage a further exhibition of the plans so that residents are fully informed. This is likely to be before Christmas, but obviously there has been no opportunity to organise it yet, so please keep an eye on the web site for details of this and how to make comments or objections. We will try to ensure that there is plenty of other publicity as well. There is a lot of information on the Cemex web site at www.cemexcommunities.co.uk in the “Shepperton” section.

One of the main issues remains the access to and from the site on to Gaston Bridge Road, and the effect on local residents, and this is still under discussion. In reality, having fought our case on this for several years through the consultation, we do not think there is a realistic chance of planning permission being refused, and our objective would be to mitigate the impact as much as possible. This is not a position of weakness or abdication of our responsibilities. There is no way that in the long run we can resist the working of gravel on this site. That battle has been fought several times over the last 30 years, and has now been lost. The best we can do now is to work with Cemex to achieve the best possible outcome for residents.

Whilst not in the catchment area of our Association, residents may be interested to read a proposal for the installation of a licensed transfer station for asbestos waste at 111 Windmill Road. Details may be viewed by visiting: http://my.spelthorne.gov.uk/planning/ and quoting reference number 12/01265. The full application should be read carefully before deciding whether or not to comment. The closing date for representations in 2nd November 2012.

Diesel Park WestSunbury Cricket Club has already welcomed some artists with notable backgrounds in the music business during their series of Music Nights, and the next presentation on Friday 2nd November at 8.30pm maintains that sequence in no uncertain terms as the Club presents Diesel Park West, who enjoyed significant success during their time with EMI during the ‘90s, including chart singles and albums.

Led by the highly individual creative power of John Butler, Diesel Park West remain a respected force in the indie rock scene, retaining their roots in the West Coast rock sounds of the ‘60s while continuing to evolve their music over a series of highly-rated albums. Influenced by seminal California bands like The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape, their music is always accessible and entertaining without ever being too “safe”, so there is no doubt that this will be an exciting evening.

For their latest album they re-unite with Chris Kimsey, who has produced the Rolling Stones, The Who and The Sex Pistols, and who produced their debut album some 20 years ago. This gig is promoted by Brett Todd, who has brought us Protect The Beat, Buddy Whittington and Barnes Blues Band, and we are pleased to announce another high quality event. The Club is punching well above its weight in bringing an act of this stature to Sunbury, so this is certainly one to put in the diary. Don’t miss it. For further details and to join the Music Night mailing list contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Info, music & video at www.dieselparkwest.com

The Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Association is delighted to announce the 2012/13 season of Coffee Concerts at the Riverside Arts Centre.

The first concert on 17 November features the popular local pianist, Ingrid Attwater. In February we welcome Joseph Tong who gives a piano recital of music by Debussy, Rachmaninoff and Schubert. In March the talented Mirage Trio bring us music for flute, viola and harp and in April a welcome return by baritone, Stephen Willis, and guitarist Steve Christmas, who will present a selection of songs from the Renaissance to the present day.

Tickets for these recitals are £7.50 each and include coffee and croissant and tickets may be booked by phoning the box office on 01932 782788. Full details of the events may be viewed by clicking here.

Friday, 19 October 2012 16:48

Police College - Public Inquiry Concluded

After a gruelling 4 days for all concerned, the Public Inquiry into Linden Homes' application to build 44 houses on the Police College site concluded today.

The residents' case turned on the unacceptable levels of planning harm that would flow from seeking to maximise (as opposed to optimise) the development potential of the Appeal Site and can be summarised as follows:

  • The Appeal Scheme proposed fails to provide any open space for children's play area and fails to mitigate the harm that this would cause.
  • The Appeal Scheme would have a significant adverse impact on adjacent residential amenity in terms of the overbearing bulk and proximity of the proposed built form.
  • The Appeal Scheme's density in terms of dwellings per hectare has led to a built form that is inappropriate for the area in which the Appeal Site is situated.
  • The Appeal Scheme's proposed access onto Green Street is incompatible with the operation of the local transport infrastructure, namely the Triangle.
  • The Appeal Scheme falls materially short of making appropriate provision for off-street parking.

 The QC for the Appellants, Linden Homes, declared that "We have spent some time on the fall back position (44 units as opposed to 28 already approved by Planning Committee). As the site is in the ownership of a house builder, the principle of residential development is accepted and a planning permission has recently been granted for 28 units, the likelihood of re-use for a [residential training facility] recedes. However, as [a witness] observed, until this appeal is determined and the recent planning permission remains unchallenged by judicial review we cannot be sure. It would not be the first planning permission issued against officer advice which has been challenged by disaffected interest groups or residents (The Police College Development Action Group do not have the monopoly on local opinion)."

LOSRA has been advised that, in the absence of a challenge by judicial review in the High Court, Linden Homes intend to proceed with the 28 unit plan and, as indicated by the QC's statement, the reasons for appealing the refusal of the 44 unit was simply a precaution against any individual applying for a JR of the 28 unit plan already approved. We hope to be advised of the outcome in the New Year.

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