Thames Street

The Association’s purpose is to optimise and enhance the quality of life for Lower Sunbury residents by all appropriate means.

In particular, this involves pursuing these key strategies and objectives:

  • To stimulate public consciousness and appreciation of the appearance and character of Lower Sunbury.
  • To work for the continued maintenance and enhancement of the Lower Sunbury Conservation Area.
  • To prevent unnecessary housing development which is out of character with the area, especially development which increases housing density inappropriately, and which involves demolishing existing good houses and building on existing domestic gardens.
  • To press for the preservation and extension of Green Belt and public open spaces, and work to protect the local environment.
  • To support the development of Lower Sunbury’s commercial life and public services, consistent with environmental objectives.
  • To press for appropriate traffic management or exclusion measures.
  • To maintain and enhance the strong sense of community and social cohesion within Lower Sunbury.
  • To work with other amenity organisations in support of the Association’s aims.

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