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Monday, 21 May 2012 09:46

'Eco Park' - No Case to Challenge in High Court

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Eco Park - No Case to Challenge in High CourtReaders will be all too aware that this Association together with Charlton Village Residents Association and SATEP (Shepperton Against The Eco Park) has conducted a long and very costly two year campaign in opposition to the installation of an incinerator at the community waste recycling centre at Charlton Lane. We were up against the formidable resources of Surrey County Council and their determination to see this development succeed without regard to the wishes of local residents. It is with great regret that we must report that our campaign to prevent this most unwelcome development is now over. The following is a self-explanatory extract of an email received from Councillor Smith-Ainsley of Spelthorne BC:

You will recall that I informed you on 6th April that the Council would be seeking legal advice as to whether or not we had a case to enable us to request a Judicial Review over the processes used by Sita and Surrey County Council during the Eco Park incinerator planning process. We decided to use a QC who has great expertise in this field, having successfully fought a similar case elsewhere in Surrey.

Unfortunately his advice is that having reviewed all the evidence available, we do not have a case to bring before the courts for a Judicial Review. This is obviously very disappointing news for all the residents of Spelthorne affected by this incinerator. There are still several hurdles to overcome for SiTA. The Environment Agency have yet to give the proposed incinerator a 'Permit to Operate'. When the draft is available we shall scrutinise it very carefully and reply back to the EA with any recommendations/comments we have to make on it.

With your help we shall also be keeping a close eye on SiTA during the construction phase of the project to ensure that they comply with all the conditions laid down by the County Council regarding noise, dust, operating times, odours, lorry movements and routes etc etc.

Spelthorne Council will be distributing a leaflet in the week beginning 27th May to explain to residents the actions that we have taken so far and the next steps that we are taking. This involves asking our Euro MPs for assistance as well as contacting the Secretary of State for the Environment, who has yet to release the PFI money for the project.


  • Comment Link GP Wednesday, 30 May 2012 19:47 posted by GP

    and also perhaps don't vote Tory next time - you might get more notice if you make a protest at the ballot box. Or perhaps even get someone to stand as an Anti-Eco Park candidate at a local election.. only thing that will get the fat cats interested if they are going to lose their perks

  • Comment Link GP Wednesday, 30 May 2012 19:44 posted by GP

    Rather than complaining about it on here, which is akin to shouting in an empty room, why not try to raise the public profile of this, Private Eye is full of stories just like this and would be sure to take an interest.
    Someone with a bit of time and detailed knowledge of the case should contact them, email address is strobes@private-eye.co.uk

  • Comment Link Carol Box Monday, 28 May 2012 19:03 posted by Carol Box

    So a leaflet has been distributed. A clear case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted. Had a leaflet been distributed to all residents at the start of the campaign everyone would have understood the dire consequences and more people would have fought against this monstrosity.
    Very clever advertising (Eco Park indeed!) had everyone completely fooled.

  • Comment Link Ernest Burden Saturday, 26 May 2012 00:41 posted by Ernest Burden

    So we get an Ecopark that nobody wants. Whatever happened to the much vaunted local democracy championed by Mister Cameron? One suspects that this scheme has been stitch-up right from the start. So much for people power.

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