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Monday, 05 February 2024 08:52

Proposed Industrial Development on Green Belt - Your Views Urgently Sought!

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Sunbury residents only have until the 12 th February to comment on a proposal to build a very large Battery Energy Storage System next to the EcoPark.
On the 24th January a planning application by consultants DWD, acting as agents for the Applicant Sunbury BESS Ltd., a subsidiary of developers EcoDev, was uploaded to the Spelthorne BC Planning website, with reference 24/00017/FUL. It is for the ‘Sunbury Battery Energy Storage System’ (‘BESS’) which featured on the front page of LOSRA’s 2024 New Year Newsletter. 
Residents have until the12th February to comment on the plans, which is a ridiculously short time for such an unprecedented application. The accompanying documents are many in number, technical in nature, and at times lacking in consistency. The Applicant is applying to build a large industrial complex on nearly 6 hectares (14.5 acres) of Green Belt land adjacent to the Charlton Lane EcoPark, involving a hundred and forty shipping-type containers containing Lithium-Ion batteries and associated plant. A considerable number of issues are at stake for local residents, including:
  •  The difficulties created by the application as lodged being technically complex, incomplete and inconsistent with respect to detail.
  • The suitability of suburban Green Belt land to locate a large and undisguisable industrial development.
  •  The explosion and fire risks associated with such batteries and the challenges of quenching and clear-up when they occur.
  •  The acceptability of placing such a complex close to suburban housing as well as the EcoPark’s incinerator and bio-digester and the Ashford Common Water Treatment Works.
  • The disruption involved in routeing a very high voltage cable across the M3 motorway and through Charlton Village en-route to a grid connection point near Staines.
  •  The political acceptability of imposing another industrial complex on local residents when there was so much opposition to the EcoPark.
LOSRA has endeavoured to set out more details of what is being proposed and is shown below. We would ask all residents to consider this proposal and provide their views to the council’s planners prior to the 12th February, via the SBC website
To view our detailed comments, click here.


  • Comment Link Evon’e Mccallion Tuesday, 06 February 2024 00:53 posted by Evon’e Mccallion

    We in Sunbury have enough to put up with the fumes from airport , the echo station , the M3 , it’s green belt land it’s not yours to decide to use it , a fire hazard and we don’t know how these batteries will react in the future more traffic more HGV ‘s.
    What about you build a site for our youth and ask them what they would like a club house , cricket pitches , racintrack for electric scooters but not these batteries , why is it you act as Sunbury is the only part of Surrey to use or is it Spelthorne does not care , well residents do deny this please

  • Comment Link Adrian Corti Monday, 05 February 2024 23:30 posted by Adrian Corti

    Everyone must make an official comment via the link to the planning application above, leaving comments here will make no difference - you must make an official comment for or against the proposal.

  • Comment Link Chantelle Walmsley Monday, 05 February 2024 21:24 posted by Chantelle Walmsley

    I object to this BESS facility being put so close to a residential area and on green belt land in Sunbury. Not only will it be a massive eye sore, we already have the eco park causing local pollution and extra road use. This would only add to the problem. I am also concerned about the storage and use of lithium batteries which are highly dangerous particularly when exposed to moisture, at an industrial scale so close to a housing and major transport links.
    I would not ever however object if there had been a proposal for a wind farm or solar panels.

  • Comment Link Jason kiefer Monday, 05 February 2024 20:21 posted by Jason kiefer

    Living close to the proposed site would add additional hazards to health for the surrounding area. As we all know from the use of batteries in motor vehicles when they catch fire they cannot be put out and take a long time to become safe. They then have to be stored safely for long periods after. We already have enough in this area and this would be an added hazard .

  • Comment Link jill oates Monday, 05 February 2024 20:12 posted by jill oates

    This looks monstrous and after the ugly Eco Park which was proposed for somewhere else in Surrey and we got landed it, I think this needs to go somewhere else, plus totally disagree with anything but open space on green belt land.

  • Comment Link Bonita KELSALL Monday, 05 February 2024 19:33 posted by Bonita KELSALL

    As a resident of charlton village I feel we have had more of our fair share of monstrous ugly buildings and this is one step to far so no we don’t want this !!

  • Comment Link Jeff McQueen Monday, 05 February 2024 19:21 posted by Jeff McQueen

    I support the idea of building a BESS site to support the electrical grid, but given the fire risks and visual impact suggest that areas that are less suitable for urban development like the strips adjacent to the M3 be considered instead
    Fire risk must be mitigated by the use of battery gaseous emission sensors

  • Comment Link Penny Payton Monday, 05 February 2024 19:11 posted by Penny Payton

    I don’t want this to be built near my home. We already have the Eco Park & CEMEX digging in the field.

  • Comment Link Jennifer Williams Monday, 05 February 2024 16:45 posted by Jennifer Williams

    As a resident in Spelthorne I am very disappointed to see another wholly negative proposal of building a battery energy storage system next to the Eco Park. I fear there could be a significant fire risk, also the disruption involved in routing a high voltage cable across the M3 and through Charlton village on route to Staines. I vehemently opposed the Eco Park and now find another venture to worry about.

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