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Monday, 17 October 2022 09:01

Hazelwood Development - Public Consultation

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The plot of land owned by Angle Properties at the top of Hazelwood Drive has been bought by Bellway Homes subject to planning permission. It is proposed to build 67 homes including 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties from two to three-storeys.
To take part in the consultation, visit: https://www.hazelwood-consultation.co.uk/
The Association will reserve its position until we have seen the full planning application.


  • Comment Link Helene Webb Tuesday, 15 November 2022 13:34 posted by Helene Webb

    There was a public meeting on 11.10.22, that we were unable to attend. I emailed Bellway on 13.10.22 and in case it is of interest to anyone, I will copy the email below.
    We were unable to attend the consultation event, but have looked at the details online and have the following points to make and questions to raise.

    Apologies if we have missed something, but we could not see a breakdown of the proposed dwellings, other than it is for 67 homes of 1-4 bedrooms. A breakdown would have been helpful – fairly basic information.

    Most properties are marked as CN, CR, HA etc but we could not tell from this if they are 1 or 4 bedroomed or somewhere in between. Without this we cannot hazard a guess at how many people may end up living on site, nor how many parking spaces will be needed.

    Without this detail, it is difficult to assess if the parking allowance of 97 spaces for all residents and any visitors is adequate. Of the 67 dwellings, we can take a guess that when you show Block 1 as 7 x 2 BF, that this might mean 7 x 2 bedroomed flats, but does 4 x 2 BF-M4(3) mean the same?

    For now let’s assume yes. So that’s 11 properties with 22 bedrooms.

    Block two with the same assumption (and what appear to be a couple of 1 bedroomed flats) is 18 properties with 34 bedrooms.

    That leaves 38 properties of unknown size. (67-11-18 = 38) Let’s assume that 38 is made up of 3 x 1 bed; 10 x 2 bed; 20 x 3 bed and 5 x 4 bed. That is 103 bedrooms.

    In total a hypothetical 159 bedrooms (22+34+103), with the occupancy of most being 1 or 2 people, we assume. Not all bedrooms will be occupied and not all adults will be drivers, but the majority of adults will be drivers and the majority of properties are likely to have at least two adults. Based on approx. 60 properties with at least 2 adults = 120 people. 80% of these assumed as drivers with cars = 96. So based on the assumed numbers (because we have nothing else to go on) if 80 % of adults are drivers with cars, we might be looking at around 96 cars (for now forgetting entirely about the 1 bedroom properties) and that is not taking into consideration people that also park work vehicles at home.

    You only have 97 parking spaces for all residents and all visitors (91 residents and 6 visitors?) I appreciate 2 adults may have 1 car between them, not one each, conversely 2 adults may have 3 vehicles (especially if there are business and private vehicles) but do you consider 97 spaces sufficient?

    If 2 spaces are allocated and the household has two cars – fine, but what happens if one person also takes their work vehicle home with them as happens more and more these days?

    Are you expecting overflow? If so, where to?

    Will there be room for street-parking in the development, in addition to the allotted parking spaces?

    Do you consider you have enough visitor parking? Again, not figures we could see anywhere, but counting on the plan it looks to be 6 visitor spaces for 67 dwellings? So less than 10% of household can have 1 visitor at any one time?

    When London Irish were in consultation, one of the big concerns from residents was the traffic. We were assured that adequate traffic calming measures would be in place to deter/prevent both speeding and ‘boy-racers’ using the long straight access road of an evening/early morning. The “adequate traffic calming measures” put in place were just the raised table area from Green Street, turning into Hazelwood Drive and then just a couple of small raised humps much further down beyond the area where the two Croysdale Avenues run in parallel, so of little or no benefit to residents. This was woefully inadequate. It does not stop speeding. At times there are people (sometimes on scooters, bike or cars) racing up and down. The majority of the road surface that is parallel to the Croysdale Avenues is concrete, which creates far more tyre noise than tarmac. Your proposed development appears to have one access route only – Hazelwood Drive – thereby massively increasing the traffic and the noise to Croysdale residents

    Your proposal shows no plan to change the road surface, or to improve traffic calming measures in Hazelwood Drive. As a Croysdale resident, this is a very important issue for us and most of our neighbours and one we feel should be addressed, if we are not to suffer unduly as a result of the increased traffic, pollution and noise caused by all the extra traffic going up and down Hazelwood Drive. I appreciate the Hazelwood is outside of your development, but nonetheless, it is your only access route, so we believe you have some responsibility to address this concern of the existing residents.

    After no response, on 29.10.22, I chased them and received the below on 08.11.22:

    Thank you for your email, we have carefully reviewed your comments and respond as promised.

    I have attached two housing mix plans taken from our Design and Access Statement, which I hope will answer your queries regarding the breakdown of proposed homes on the site.

    Regarding parking levels, the parking provision of 97 spaces for residents of the development is calculated in accordance with council guidelines, there will also be 15 garages delivered. Nine visitor spaces will also be included in the plans.

    A Transport Statement will form part of the planning application, to consider the impact of the proposals on local highways and users, and what mitigation might be required to minimise any impact on the transport network.

    Surrey County Council are the local county authority who will carefully consider the highways, access and parking aspects of a future planning application. If the council consider further changes or modifications to the highways, access and parking aspects of the plans are required Bellway would then have discussions with the council.

  • Comment Link Bridget Toomey Monday, 14 November 2022 16:37 posted by Bridget Toomey

    Please can we have an action plan as to what LOSRA propose to do regarding this planning application. Will they be objecting to it, given the lack of school places and amenities?
    Do LOSRA know when a public meeting will be held by the council for the public to attend to raise their concerns.
    Also do LOSRA know when the planning application will be made?
    Many thanks

  • Comment Link Polly Healy Monday, 07 November 2022 16:27 posted by Polly Healy

    I, too, am concerned about the impact an increased population would have on our schools and the Sunbury Health Centre.

  • Comment Link BridgetToomey Monday, 31 October 2022 16:06 posted by BridgetToomey

    Living in Croysdale Avenue, I am really concerned about this proposed development. No school places and a doctors surgery that is full to bursting. I am told that money given to the council for the development should go to the surgery but I am unsure as to where this money has ever gone as it didn’t seem to improve when the old London Irish site was built on, so not sure what the council has done with those funds!
    The utilities in school walk are stretched and utilities in general will not be able to cope with another development.
    What are Losra’s views on this development please?
    Thank you

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