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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 16:28

Gasification at 'Eco Park' IS Incineration - True!

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Surrey Eco ParkAt the recent Have Your Say event at Salesian School in Chertsey,The Leader of Surrey County Council, Dr Andrew Povey said that he did not support the use of incinerators in the County. A LOSRA member having researched the term 'gasification' has concluded the following in this edited article:

"This needs drilling into everyone's consciences like times tables. Talking about gasification at this ['Eco Plant'] is obfuscation, deliberately telling only half the story.

"As an input/output device it is an incinerator that happens to generate a little bit of electricity allowing SITA to sell it in order to offset costs. It's an equivocal and misleading claim.

"The gasifier is only half the process which allows the process subsequently to make some electricity from Syngas on the side with no other external effect. What comes out of the plant is the result of Syngas burning, not the intermediate gasification.

Gasification is a process to produce gaseous fuel and char from carbon based fuels. It produces a synthetic gas - Syngas - composed of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, which may also contain Methane if steam and or fossil fuel is added to the gasification process as well as Oxygen.

"This is called Syngas and has about half the calorific value of natural gas. The Syngas from this intermediate stage is now burnt to make electrical energy.

"When this happens the original carbon in the intermediate gasification products is converted to CO2.

"The overall (input/output) effect is incineration with full oxygenation and more or less the same input and output. The gasification in the middle is irrelevant because that's a meta state inside the plant.

"On EU criteria it is also classed as incineration; and also as disposal not recovery because it is under 65% efficient and has to have significant amounts of fuel added to its primary purpose. For it to be classified as recovery it needs to be 65% efficient and that is not in the plan."

In short, "Its not a gasifier as far as any layman may understand the term. Carbon goes in and Carbon Dioxide comes out. Its a fully oxygenated incinerator that makes some electricity as a byproduct, and rather inefficiently at that."

The Leader of Surrey County Council and the other naysayers at local and County Councils must be lobbied to respond to this claim. The mythology fast taking root about the benign implications of 'gasification' must be challenged at every opportunity.

Visit http://satep.moonfruit.com/ to keep up with the latest news and to sign the online petition.

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  • Comment Link Brian Catt Friday, 17 December 2010 17:30 posted by Brian Catt

    It further transpires from EC guidlines that such large Incinerators incorporating a gasification stage are riskier than direct incineration. MOre toxins areproduced by oxygen starved burn. Risk assessment scenarios include explosion at critical times of operation per EC planning guidelines. The intermediate gasification products at high temperatures can detonate if the computers should fail to control the plant as designed when significant anomolies occur. Control planning is hard as there are no other working plants like this so they don't know how to control it, and they don't know what's in the black bags either. Its an experiment with our health and safety and all promises are based on computer simulations plus the two failures to date. Not an auspicious start or a promising approach. Website URL has link to EC Gasification check list. Several areas of concern there......

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