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Welcome to the LOSRA Website

As with any other local neighbourhood, the policies and actions which affect the character and future of Lower Sunbury are generally framed and implemented by a combination of local and national government, along with the vested interests and market forces which operate within those frameworks. Lower Sunbury is by no means unique in being under threat from a creaking infrastructure brought about by rapid urban development, the growth of traffic, and other pressures affecting the quality of life and the character of the area.

Working with the local authorities, we see it as the responsibility of residents’ and amenity groups such as LOSRA to address the underlying issues which fundamentally affect their members’ lives, as well as the minutiae of everyday life with which such groups are often concerned.

Please sign up to receive our regular e-bulletins by subscribing via the facility at the top left hand of this page. It goes without saying that, without your continued support we would cease to function so we urge you to join, or renew your membership now Subscriptions (£5 per household) for 2017 are now payable.

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A Special Planning Committee was convened on Wednesday night to consider the application by Surrey County Council for the permanent allocation of the Charlton Lane Green Belt site as a permanent waste management facility. (See entry for 20th December).

The hearing was well attended and two residents spoke against the application.

As statutory consultees, the Committee, on a proposal tabled by the Vice Chairman, accepted an amended recommendation than that originally proposed by the planning officer. Rather than raising no objection, the amended version included the following recommendation:

1.1 Surrey County Council be informed that this Council OBJECTS to the proposal for the following reason:

1.2 There is a lack of clarity in the purpose of the application to retain the existing facilities in their entirety beyond the life of the current temporary planning permission in 2016. This means that the required case for very special circumstances to allow inappropriate development on the Green belt has not been sufficiently demonstrated on a permanent basis. It is considered that there is some justification for allowing a further extension of the temporary permission and a period of 9 years, up to 2025 is deemed reasonable.

Given that the final word will rest with Surrey County Council, the full implications of this recommendation will not become clear until SCC have considered the matter. The full wording of the recommendation which also outlines other material concerns may be viewed on the Council Website in due course.

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Further to our announcements in the recent newsletter and previous articles on this Site (see 6th & 15th December), a Special Planning Committee is to be held this Wednesday at the Council Chamber to consider a proposal for the permanent retention of the existing waste management facilities at Charlton Lane with a modification to the existing site access arrangements and erection of an acoustic fence. The success of this application will be a precursor to the application for the installation of the 'Eco Park' if the opposition of local residents is to count for nothing.

In the event of Planning Committee approval, the application to retain waste facilities will then be determined by Surrey County Council at its Planning and Regulatory Committee on 12th January 2011. On the same date the Planning Committee at Spelthorne, as statutory consultees, will consider the application for the installation of the 'Eco Park'.

The timing of the Special Planning Committee could not come at a more inconvenient time for local residents who will be preoccupied with family affairs and festive preparations. Nevertheless all residents who find themselves able to take a couple of hours from their busy days, are urged to attend.

Monday, 20 December 2010 16:45

Slip Sliding Away

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Icy roads in Lower SunburyReaders may remember the response of the Highways Authority to the freezing conditions last year. It seemed that those roads not included in Priority Route 1 were not treated due to the lack (and therefore rationing) of salt.

Despite there being no such shortage this year, it appears that Manor Lane, an important thoroughfare but not included in PR 1, now resembles an ice rink and a number of accidents have already occurred along this stretch of road.

For what it's worth, the situation is being reported to the County Council but for up-to-date bulletins please visit Highways Information Online.

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Surrey Eco ParkAt the recent Have Your Say event at Salesian School in Chertsey,The Leader of Surrey County Council, Dr Andrew Povey said that he did not support the use of incinerators in the County. A LOSRA member having researched the term 'gasification' has concluded the following in this edited article:

"This needs drilling into everyone's consciences like times tables. Talking about gasification at this ['Eco Plant'] is obfuscation, deliberately telling only half the story.

"As an input/output device it is an incinerator that happens to generate a little bit of electricity allowing SITA to sell it in order to offset costs. It's an equivocal and misleading claim.

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In our Autumn newsletter, and on our Website, we published an article on the disappearance of a 'public footpath' sign and the erection of a gate between nos. 32 - 34 Thames Street. It seems that we were a bit hasty in drawing any conclusions about these developments and we must apologise for that. The sign was in fact removed by Surrey County Council in November 2005 and a gate licence was issued at the same time. Spelthorne Borough Council had also given permission for the gate.

These steps were considered necessary as a deterrent security measure to protect properties on the River. They are not intended to deter bona fide users of the footpath who may still gain access by the simple expedient of pushing the gate open and closing it after themselves and, if accompanied by a dog, keeping it on a lead.

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Our local Police Inspector has written to the Chairman of LOSRA asking our membership to help track down Surrey's most wanted criminals. Her email is self-explanatory and the link should carry details within the next few days.

Can you help trace Surrey’s ‘Most Wanted’?

Most WantedThe top 15 most wanted people in Surrey are being warned to look over their shoulders as a new website aimed at helping track down serious offenders in the region is launched today.

The public can now view the county’s ‘Most Wanted’ online and help police locate those who may have gone to ground and bring them to justice.

The Rogues Gallery include those sought in connection with offences such as attempted murder, serious assault, drug importation, ATM fraud and burglary.

Surrey Police has teamed up with independent charity Crimestoppers which will feature them on its website, allowing the public to look at pictures and E-fits and view CCTV footage of people currently wanted across the county.

They can be viewed by visiting http://crimestoppers-uk.org/surrey and clicking on Most Wanted. Crimestoppers allows people to give information about crime anonymously by telephone or via the Crimestoppers website.

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