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Welcome to the LOSRA Website

Traffic congestion, pollution and danger are major current concerns in our little corner of car-dominated Surrey and will be at the forefront of our 2014 agenda. Finding alternatives to car use - a policy embraced by central government - will play a key part in improving what is becoming a degraded local environment in Lower Sunbury. 

To help in alleviating the problem, a cycle/foot bridge which was first proposed by the Thames Overways Projects (TOPS) in 2001 but sadly and for a variety of reasons fell off the political agenda, is to be resuscitated. Since 2001 the Lower Sunbury population has increased very considerably. The combined population increase of Sunbury East and Halliford & Sunbury West wards is 10.1% (2011 census) but with no commensurate improvement in local infrastructure amenity. Further, an aggregated total from 271 units of 811 additional bedrooms have been approved in recent planning applications which implies an even greater population increase before the next census is due in 2021. In short, the argument for the construction of a suitable bridge is now stronger than ever.

The River Thames is one of the greatest assets but is also a barrier between places where people live, work and play. LOSRA believes that a car-free bridge would be of enormous benefit to a wide area both north and south of the River. It would mean safer and shorter non-polluting journeys to work, schools and recreation. It would also provide an alternative to traffic-jammed Thames Bridges and the choked main roads leading to those bridges; and facilitate extended access to the Thames Path National Trail to communities north of the river, giving impetus to sustainable local tourism. The river is a beautiful linear park but it also prevents easy sharing of the excellent amenities that exist on either side of the waterway - a situation which should not be allowed to continue.

Please sign up to receive our regular e-bulletins by leaving your details via the Contact LOSRA Menu. Also, without your continued support we would cease to function so we urge you to join, or renew your membership, now. Subscriptions (£5 per household) for 2014 are now payable and may be made via the Paypal facility.

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The long-awaited full application by Crest Nicholson for the development of the London Irish site in The Avenue goes before Planning Committee on Wednesday 30th July. This application follows the approval by the same Committee of the outline plan on 21st September 2012. (Ref: 12/00369/OUT).

Crest Nicholson, the chosen developers, then embarked on a programme of public consultation at which various options were proposed and discussed. Finally, at an exhibition and brain-storming meeting at the Riverside Arts Centre, residents from adjoining roads to the London Irish site expressed a preference for two of these options. The first, and most favoured, did not, in the end, satisfy planning policy, so it is the second of these which forms the basis of this full planning application.

Planning Committee will meet at the Council Chamber, Knowle Green to determine the application (14/00275/FUL) at 7pm on Wednesday 30th July. A copy of the Committee Report may be viewed by accessing 'Planning Applications Online' via and then inputting the application number and selecting the associated documents option.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 14:27

137th Sunbury Regatta, Saturday 9th August

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137th Sunbury Regatta, Saturday 9th AugustBe sure to visit the LOSRA stand at this year's Sunbury Regatta which is being held on Saturday 9th August at Rivermead Island, Thames Street. Exclusive Sunbury tea towels, copies of the Sunbury Trail booklet and postcards will be on sale and, for those who have yet to do so, an opportunity renew their 2014 memberships.

The Regatta itself will feature the usual Club and local skiff, punt and dongola racing; tug of war, stalls, entertainments, bars, fresh food and much more besides. For full details, visit the Regatta Website at:

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Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kevin Hurley, is to begin a public consultation into new methods of dealing with offending. In a survey launched today, members of the public have an opportunity to tell him what they think should happen to people who have committed low-level crimes or anti-social behaviour in their area.

LOSRA has been asked to forward this release from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey regarding consultation on the Community Remedy scheme; and residents are invited to take part.

Click here to view the Press Release

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Petition to Reinstate the Cows at Dairy CrestThe introduction of real cows into Sunbury Park may be controversial but less controversial is the preservation of a local landmark on the A316. Dairy Crest (previously Job's Dairy) has stated that the fibreglass cows which stood so proudly on the roof of their building have become worn and their fixings dangerous. Citing health and safety concerns the Company has removed the cows and they make no promises to restore or replace them. These cows have been a delight to many generations of little car passengers and, if Dairy Crest can be persuaded, their restoration could be a delight for many more generations to come.

It's not a world-changing issue but it is local; and if it's one which brings only fleeting pleasure to countless users of the A316 and at minimal cost to a large company, why not click on the link and complete the petition. It will take a matter of seconds!

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The following email has been received from Jo Gravier, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, NHS North West Surrey Clinical Commisioning Group; and we are pleased to reproduce it here:

"We're delighted to announce the launch of the Living and Ageing Well in Surrey Awards 2014.

"The Awards provide an exciting opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the huge range of initiatives, projects, services and individuals in the community that make Surrey a great place in which to live and age well.

"More and more people in Surrey are living longer and we want to embrace this and recognise the many ways older people contribute to society and their local communities, and to build on the opportunities for improving the wellbeing of people in Surrey as they age. The Awards categories are based on the pledges from Surrey’s Commitment to Ageing Well. These have been identified by older people in Surrey as the important things that matter to them as they age.

"If you know of an individual, public service, or voluntary, community or faith sector organisation who you feel deserves an Award, don’t hesitate and nominate them today. You may even nominate yourself!

Award Categories

  • Best Local Transport Project
  • Technology, Making a Difference Award
  • Bringing the Community Together Award
  • Best Healthy Living Project
  • Help at Home Award
  • People’s Choice Award

For more information and details on how to enter visit the Living and Ageing Well Awards page on the Surrey County Council website."

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 11:47

Licensing Application at Hazelwood Centre

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Licensing Application at Hazelwood CentreThis Association has received a number of emails concerning the recent application for the licensing of late night refreshments at the Hazelwood Centre, Croysdale Avenue.

There are natural concerns as to how the granting of this licence may affect our local residents with noise and other disturbances being the most common concerns. It should be noted that any representation by a resident should be made by 22nd July and be evidence based. In this connection, it may be difficult because any evidence will have been collected prior to the change of ownership of Hazelwood; and the new licensees will justifiably argue that any previous problems had nothing to do with them.

It's a matter of judgement but it may be preferable to see how the premises are managed and, if necessary, apply for a review should there be an adverse effect on public tranquility. (see below)

A key feature of the Licensing Act 2003 is to allow local communities a say in licensing decisions that may affect them, as well as ensuring that professionals such as the police, fire authorities, trading standards and environmental health officers are able to scrutinise applications and take action if problems occur.

The Licensing the Act allows the views of local people and businesses to be taken into account when someone first applies for a licence or certificate to carry out a regulated activity such as selling alcohol, providing entertainment and/or providing late night refreshment.

Where a licence has already taken effect, the Act also allows local people and businesses to request a review of a licence or certificate of any licensed premises that may be causing problems e.g. noise or other disturbances.

Full application details can also be viewed in the licensing authority's "licensing register". Using the Register, applicants will be able to check all opening hours; licensable activities and any steps the applicant has volunteered to take to promote the four licensing objectives.  These are set out in the applicant's "operating schedule".

The four licensing objectives are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder;
  • Public safety;
  • The prevention of public nuisance; and
  • The protection of children from harm.

If anyone is concerned that granting a licence in the terms it has been applied for is likely to have an effect on the promotion of one or more of these objectives, they have 28 consecutive days starting on the day after the day on which the application was given to the relevant authority, to make a representation to that authority. (In the case of Hazelwood, the closing date is 22nd July).

Representations should be made in writing to the licensing authority where the premises are situated.  Licensing authorities may also accept representations by email.

All representations must be about the likely effect of granting the licence or certificate on the promotion of at least one of the four licensing objectives. It would be wise, therefore, to explicitly link any representation to one or more of the objectives.

It will also assist if the representations are specific to the premises and evidence based. (as indicated above, this may be difficult).  Interested parties may, therefore wish to talk to local police beforehand, or document problems themselves by, for example, keeping a diary or photographic evidence of any incidents. Licensing authorities will need to be satisfied that there is an evidential and causal link between the representations made, and the effect on the licensing objectives.

See the Council's Statement of Licensing Policy: with particular reference to Paras, 17 (enforcement), 18 (The Review Process), 24 (Crime and Disorder), 24.1 and 24.7.5 .

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Regular readers of our Website and e-bulletins will recall two earlier articles published by Private Eye under their regular 'Rotten Boroughs' feature. Both articles were highly critical of Surrey County Council's persistence, contrary to all the scientific and economic evidence, in going ahead with the installation of an incinerator at the Charlton Lane Recycling Centre.

The earlier PE articles (see entries for 11/12/13 and 23/1/14) made specific reference to SCC and the Charlton Lane Site. The latest article of 9th July is more generic and, whilst the Sunbury site is not specifically mentioned, the arguments are the same; and have been precised with the customary brilliance so characteristic of Private Eye.

We can only hope that this satirical periodical is read by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government who has yet to decide whether to 'call in' SCC's approved planning application for public inquiry.

To read Private Eye's latest article, click here

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Parking Charges for Blue Badge HoldersThe Ashford and St.Peter's Hospitals' NHS Foundation Trust has recently taken the decision to re-introduce parking charges for blue badge holders at both hospitals.

A public meeting to discuss these changes will be held at 3pm - 5pm on Thursday 17th July at The Hythe Centre, Thorpe Road, Staines.

All are welcome to attend but notice of attendance is required.

Please see notice for further details

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LOSRA, The Exclusive Outlet for Lower Sunbury Tea Towel

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