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Saturday, 14 August 2021 13:36

Summer 2021 Newsletter to View online

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It’s great to be back with a printed newsletter to supplement our website news service and e-bulletins. It’s not been practical during Covid restrictions to ask our volunteer distributors to go door-to-door to deliver them, so this is our first one for 18 months and will be delivered to households over the next couple of weeks.
We’ve been meeting virtually, and it’s been business as usual behind the scenes, but with no newsletters, and subscription-collecting opportunities like out Annual General

Meeting, plus the Regatta and Christmas Fair, not happening, our paid-up membership has dropped significantly.

Please help us by paying your 2021 subscription by visiting the Membership section by using one of the methods set out at the bottom of the Summer 2021 newsletter. Many thanks.
To view the newsletter, click here